Sunday, June 15, 2008

Offended By the Easily Offended!

Political Correctness; I am for it, and against it!

When it comes to stereotypes and broad generalizations, I think we all know that that's wrong, but we also know that most stereotypes are based in fact. It may not be true of all of the people in that classification, but it's true of a lot of them, or was at one time.

When it comes to advertising slogans, spokes models, or signage, all kinds of groups protest all kinds of things. The same is true about characters in the media. Casting the stereotypical gay guy, or construction worker, or Beemer driving ass-wad, pisses people off. I get it. I even understand it, and would like it to change. But when it comes to humor, let it go a little, I mean come on. The funniest stuff is based in fact, and the fact is, the stereotypes are at least partly true...admit it!

Not all men are only interested in sex. Not all fathers try to get you to pull their finger. Not all mother-in-laws are horrible control-freaky-bitches. Not all hillbilly's have had sex with a family member. Not all gay guys secretly want to be Barbara Streisand or Cher. Not all CPAs are socially inept nerds. Not all rednecks are homophobes.
I can't tell you how many times I've almost been run off the road by a vehicle, and before I could get a visual of the driver, I would say to myself, "Please don't be Asian, please don't be Asian", and when I finally see the driver...Asian! Do Lesbians really wear a lot of flannel shirts? Maybe not as much now, but there was a time, and most lesbians I know still have a flannel or two in their closet...

I was at a party a couple years ago with a bunch of lesbians, and had recently relocated from California to the very lesbianish uptighty community of Northampton. I was telling a story which required me to describe a t-shirt. The ribbed tank top kind, which my friends and I always called a "wife-beater". When this expression came out of my mouth it was like that scene at a party where the needle scratches across the record and everything stops, and people stare at you in disbelief and horror. I was immediately scolded for my use of that term, and I scrambled to correct myself, and finish the story which suddenly seemed stupid and pointless.

I do issue a warning at the top of blog stating this blog is not for the easily offended, and is for the socially retarded, and this is why. I have a rule, it is a universal rule for humor, or it should be. The rule is: If it's twice as funny as it is's okay to say!
The accuracy of this chart is heavily dependant upon your "sense" of humor. My blog fits neatly into the blue when I write it. I follow the rule. If you are heartinsanfrancisco who's sense of humor is my sense of humor's identical twin, you know that this is true. If you are someone who does not share my humor perspective, some of this may dip into the yellow for you. I'm still okay because I did issue that warning I mentioned earlier. If you think that I am in that grey area, well...we aren't a good fit dear reader. Perhaps you should seek you humor elsewhere. Don't leave mad, just leave!


comfortandjoy said...

Well I'm staying! Where else can I go to embrace stereotypes and be socially retarded??

BTW, I'm wearing a wife beater. Right. This. Second.

Oh, yes. I am.

What's underneath it? Go ahead, guess.

A sports bra. Oh yes, in stereotypical lesbian fashion I am wearing a sports bra.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for my softball game.

RED MOJO said...

cj, LOL, I appreciate your getting into the spirit of the post attitude! I admit when you asked me to guess what was underneath your wife-beater, a sports bra was not the first thing that came to mind!

comfortandjoy said...

RM: Don't put the cart before the horse. What's underneath the sports bra?? Go ahead. Dwell on it. ;)

Certain Magician said...

If I was one of the people who was too easily offended, then I'm offended that that offended you. I feel so sensitive today!

TheWeyrd1 said...

I guess someone got upset huh... Well you know you're being read if someone gets torked... I think you're funny

Slip said...

Why the line through "Not all rednecks are homophobes?" What about "Deliverance?" Is it wrong to want your guy to squeal like a pig?

No wife beaters for me but when I really need to dress up I will put on my best flannel. I guess that makes me old school!

'Round here when you get run off the road it is usually a blue hair in a Buick!

Hey! Mojo! "Pull my finger!!!"

RED MOJO said...

cj, after considerable dwelling...I think I know.

CM, I believe you run a much higher risk of being offensive, than being offended!

theweryrd1, thank you! You can stay! :)

slip, Attaboy! Nice comment! lol

Baino said...

Guess I fit the lesbian stereotype without being gay! I love my flannel shirt, and a sports bra, never wear a dress or skirt and persist in wearing sensible shoes! As for Asian drivers . . .just stop making Camrys . . .

RED MOJO said...

baino, are you sure you're on the right team?

kjpweb said...

Either way - keep going on the current rate!
Cheers, Klaus

RED MOJO said...

klaus, Thanks, welcome!

citizen of the world said...

One of my kids referred to those t-shirts as "beaters." I guess now the wearers can broaden their scope.

I hope you don't think I was offended when I responded to the stereotypes about what straight v. lesbians think something means. It takes a lot more than that to offend me. I'm here because I enjoy the blog. And because I own a flannel shirt.

RED MOJO said...

citizen, Good..."beaters" it is. I need to stay hip.

I was afraid you might think that, but what prompted the post did not happen in the comments here, so no worries. I know you're cool! ;)

andrea said...

I've never visited but smiled at the reaction you got to wife beater. I'm the loser in the room who would laugh while everyone else glowers at me. I like your rule about it needing to be twoice as funny as it is mean to be OK. (ANd I had exactly the same experience when i was almost run off the road yesterday... eek... fortuntaely the next guy who did the same was a WASP :)

RED MOJO said...

andrea, Welcome. LOL you and me both with the glowering!

It's funny how you get almost run off the road, but you're thankful it was a wasp who did it!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

First, thank you for the terrific compliment. I won't blush because -- what's the point?

I have always deplored people who were willing to sacrifice kindness for humor, but when the humor outweighs the meanness, yeah. Let it rip.

Nice um, chart.