Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympic Criticism

I think there should be an Olympics for criticism. I have lots of it! The one thing that is sticking in my craw at the moment, is the female figure skaters. Not that they aren't wonderful, they are, but the costumes are, for lack of a better word, repugnant!

Skating outfits have always been a little "off". But please, with all the attention to detail in their routines, is it too much to expect their legs to match their arms? What is with the skin tone on these outfits? The legs are always 4 shades darker than the torso and arms, and I don't understand why. To say nothing of the ridiculous frilly skirts that spend all kinds of time flying up over their butts, and distracting everyone from the actual skating.

The skaters train hard and have gorgeous bodies. The lines they make while skating are captivating, and even more so if you can actually see them! That's why the men are so much fun to watch. There was one woman in the pairs skating that wore a suit that really showed her lines and made her fun to watch. I for one would love to see a shift in women's skating to this type of outfit. If this isn't the future of women's figure skating, I do hope they'll at least think about making their bodies appear to belong to one person! So I can stop worrying that the bottom half will take off in a different direction from the top!

Surely this is a gold medal criticism, and they will be playing my song when I decide which country I want to represent. The place where I was born, or the place I'm going because they haven't made laws based on letting me know I'm not worthy of the same civil rights as my heterosexual superiors, but I can still enjoy paying the same amount of taxes just the same! Hmmm....