Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Thought It Was TRUE Love!

  When I met the woman I am now married to, three years ago this month, and fell head over heels in love with her, I thought I had finally found true love.  I was right!

I have been living in England with my wife and our two fur-babies, Winston and Frodo, for 15 months now and I have not adapted well.   Things are small here, really small, a 4' x 8' room in the U.S. is a walk in closet, here it's a bedroom, or if you're living high, an office!  Cars are smaller, roads are narrower, parking spaces are tiny.  Neighbors practically live on top of each other and everyone hangs out their clothes.  

I have great disdain for washing lines, especially one that wants to stretch across my tiny garden.  The plumbing is ancient, separate hot and cold in the kitchen sink!  The cottage where we live has a tiny kitchen.  It's what I like to call a one-cabinet-kitchen, for obvious reasons.  All the appliances are half the size I'm used to except the toaster, a slice of bread seems to be the same everywhere you go.  

I don't have a car here, but "we" do and my wife needs it to get to her job which is far away.  I was able to drive it for the first year, but now I need to take the driving test here, and pass to get a British driving license in order to be legal and insured.  I've been driving and had my own vehicle since I was old enough to drive.  It's a huge lifestyle change to lose that ability and freedom.

Needless to say, I complain and grouse a lot about almost everything, and my wife reacts by doing everything in her power to make me happy, get me what I need, fix all that she can.  She takes me where I need or want to go without complaint.  She brings me flowers, and brags about me to all her friends.  She is everything I'd hoped she'd be and more.  I am miserably the happiest woman on earth!  She puts up with a lot and I owe her so much more than constant whingeing.

There are a lot of good things here too, but my gorgeous bride takes the cake!


Mark Ogle said...

Sounds like the only thing not tiny is the love you two share....

RED MOJO said...

Thanks Mark! Nicely put. :)

Baino said...

I kid you not. I was cleaning up my blog list (don't blog much anymore) and almost deleted you when I thought "wonder what Trace is up to" good to hear that you're finally together and from the sound of it...fitting right in...we call you "whinging poms" because you complain so much you English peeps. Very happy for you and so pleased that you managed such a feat. Tough times for me at the moment so rub her belly and make a wish for me...good to hear you're OK..happy and in love. MWAH