Thursday, August 8, 2013

Words Have Meanings - Pay Attention! or My Latest Greatest Annoyance!

 I posted this in a note on facebook and they removed it, that's when I remembered, I have a blog!  lol

 I have been reading a lot of news items from both South Africa and Russia where the term "corrective rape" has been used to describe the rape of a known lesbian.  I have something to say about this.

  I'm sure some sick, twisted, ignorant, soul-sucking rapist may think that he is helping to enlighten his victim, or "pupil", righting a wrong in some way through his abuse, but rape is the most humiliating, damaging, violent attack you can perpetrate on a woman.  If the woman happens to be lesbian, perhaps even more so, yet after she picks herself up and brushes herself off, I'm sure that in zero percent of cases, she slaps her hand to her forehead and exclaims, "So that's what I've been missing!  I've wasted all those years!"

  I would like to see journalists start using appropriate adjectives when describing rape, such as brutal or vicious.  It is not until the rapist is thrown in prison and his cellmate Buba, thinks he's purdy, that the corrective rape occurs!

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