Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our "Abusive" Link

   It was recently brought to my attention that our facebook link, the one that includes our website address for donations towards my travel expenses to England, was reported as abusive by an empty headed socially inept retard!  This sterling individual does not have the brains god gave a tick, or they would have been aware that they could simply hide our posts from the feed by hitting the confusingly named "hide" button when accosted by our irritating and annoying link.
  The part that gets us, is we stopped playing Mafia Wars and got rid of all the people we thought we didn't know, or didn't consider "friends".  Oopsie, guess one or both of us missed one discrete, hateful, malicious, foul smelling, ugly bedraggled slag!   We request that the scum sucking oxygen thief please come forward whenever you are finished ridding the world of nasty emboldened homosexuals in need of help, so that we may treat you with the appropriate level of contempt.  We would like to present you with a plaque for your tireless efforts in proving yourself to be a colossal thundering fucknugget!  If you lack the moral fiber to take ownership of your handiwork, at least have the decency, and I know that's asking a lot, to remove us as friends, and go forth in short jerky movements.

1 comment:

Baino said...

Cant stand trolls I just don't get it. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. Thought about you the other day i was watching Ellen and wondered if you'd got a reply to your letter?