Saturday, March 15, 2008

How to Embarrass Yourself in Blog-land

  • Go to a blog where political topics are discussed, so posts and comments get pretty heated.

  • Choose the right blog, make it someone famous, someone you admire.

  • Leave a comment that sort of agrees with what the author has written, but also adds a new idea for people to bat around. That's more interesting than just yes-ing everyone to death.

  • When you go back to see what's followed your comment, and you see someone has tried to paint you into a corner, followed by a somewhat scathing comment by the author, do not remain calm. Plan your revenge. Let that famous somebody have it. How dare she call me names like, narrow minded numb nut?

  • Don't sink to her level, in fact mention that you won't, pointing out that she has, then explain calmly, but firmly, why her opinion of you is misinformed, and assumptions were made, and conclusions were jumped to, and it's all a big misunderstanding.

  • Spend the whole next day wondering in what manner you'll find yourself shredded by one of the sharpest minds in comedy today.

  • When you get home, go to the blog...quietly. You weren't blocked, that's something. She probably has people who can do that.

  • Find the post and scroll down the comments to see your new torn asshole, and apology, and explanation. It wasn't my comment she was responding to, it was the narrow minded numb nut above me.

  • Feel like a complete idiot.

  • Apologize back.

This is the true story of what happened to me over at Margaret Cho's blog, on her post titled "Because he's black?"! I did mention that this blog is for the socially retarded, right? I'm the leader!

Disclaimer: A couple days after posting this, it was brought to my attention, that the commenter I presumed to be Margaret Cho, was actually just some random Margaret adding even more embarrassment to the seemingly ever-growing pile!


citizen of the world said...

Oh my God - thanks for the laugh! (at your expense, sorry, but I needed a good laugh.) She handled it gracefully with you, but maybe it might give her pause about calling any of her comenters a numb nut?

kj said...

i couldn't open margaret cho's comments to enjoy this exchange. but it sounds like it was a riot and i sense your excitement from it all! (she was in ptown for most of the summer seasons i was there too--always hip and funny)


RED MOJO said...

Cit, I'm glad. I'm sure you've realized by now, that I'm only here for your amusement!

kj, I wonder why you couldn't go to her comments, hmmm. Well, it was rather funny, after all was said and done.

Mouse23 said...

hey fyi - just came here from that blog entry. that wasn't margaret cho commenting to you - that was another commenter named margaret. you can click on her name to visit her blog, like I clicked on your name to visit yours. it's someone else.

RED MOJO said...

mouse23, Oh, so I had all that anxiety over some random dufus? Wow. Now I'm REALLY embarrassed!

citizen of the world said...

Oh, man, you really are here for my amusement - the follow-up about it being the wrong Margaret is also very funny!

RED MOJO said...

cit, Yes...yes, it's all very funny in a charmingly awkward way :)