Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life is Funny...

Sometimes things just don't work out the way you want them to. It's believed by some, that if you know what you want, and ask for it, the universe will give it to you. Is there a trick though? Is it like the story of the monkey's paw, where if you aren't terribly specific with your wish, you'll get screwed? I mean, is it what you know you want, or what you ask for? Things don't have to actually be said, just known, right?

Well, the way I see it, I am the only one who is going to make sure I get what I want. I have a list, and it's specific. Some items are negotiable, some are not! I can trade this for that, remain flexible, make compromises, to a point. Once I reach that point, I need to move on.

What am I talking about? Dating. To me dating is a series of interviews, a weeding out process. Some are weeded out in the first 5 minutes, others take more time. There are several different components that need to work.

1. Chemistry
2. Compatibility
3. Communication
4. Comedy

The four C's.

Chemistry is the easiest to determine. It's either there or it's not! If it is, you need to delve further.
Communication is a tough one. It takes some time, but you can determine potential fairly quickly.
Compatibility is hard at first too. People are more accommodating when they first meet than they may be later, and Comedy can be strained at first by nerves, but not for too long. I need to laugh! I think fun!

If you don't have these four essential ingredients, your relationship will fail. Yes, you can stay with someone until you die without all four, but to be happy, you need them all, at least I do. But, things can become complicated quickly and before you know it, you're closing your eyes to all kinds of signs or red flags that it's not going to work.

I do not feel I have enough time left on this planet to waste my time starting off in a relationship by settling for less than I want and need.
Could I die alone? Most definitely.
Will I let fear make me settle? Absolutely Not!
Do I hate hurting people, and being hurt myself? You bet.
Will I keep trying to find true love? Until I die, or find it. I'm hoping for finding it, actually, long before I die if possible!


TheWeyrd1 said...

What you focus on grows. If you focus on the LACK of a girlfriend in your life, you will continue to lack. But if you focus on "I'm focus on women with the 4 C's" then you will start to find accounting for where though.

RED MOJO said...

theweyrd1, that sounds right to me! Thanks darlin.

kj said...

hey my friend: i think the trick is to live your life fully, be open, and let the universe come to you.

and hey my friend #2: please take me off the lesbian bloglist! i'm not in hiding but there's something about the label i don't fancy. oky doky?

RED MOJO said...

kj, I believe that too, but sometimes it comes to you through your own actions, like putting an add online or responding to one. Not that I wish to meet someone that way, know what I mean.
#2 done.

tsduff said...

I know you'll find it.

kj said...
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kj said...

let me try again with correct spelling:

yes, rm, for example, if you want to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket!

i think if/when put yourself where you want to me, the good godess will then help you out....