Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Letter To Ellen...(First Draft)

Dear Ellen,
You don't me, but I know you. I have fallen on hard times, but that's not new or unusual these days. I write because I have a dream, and I need your help making it a reality.

Some Background: About five years ago, I resigned from my corporate career to start my own business. I am an artist, and I'd finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up, or at least narrowed it down. I started my home remodeling business, but designing and building custom furniture, both free standing and built-ins was my passion. I moved from California to New England, where I'm from originally, because I had a big job there to start off with. I bought a house and built a workshop. Things started off pretty well. I got lots of referral business and repeat business, and it looked like I was going to make it. I don't have to tell you what happened next. I had taken on too much debt, and business ground to a halt. I lived alone with my dogs, neither of them had a job! The good that came out of it was I got to move back to California! The not so good, my house went into foreclosure, I had to sell my flawless Indian Chief motorcycle, and I went into a deep depression. My life's savings including my 401K depleted.

The Present: I have been back in Sacramento looking for work since mid February, and aside from a little home-handyman stuff here and there, I've found nothing. That's not why I'm writing you.

The Dream: I'm writing you because after 48 years of life, I have finally found the love of my life in Caroline Welsh. I have always believed in true love, and thought it must be out there somewhere, and now I know I was right. Here's where it gets sticky. Caroline lives in Cambridge, England. We are trying to figure out a way for her to come here and live with me. I would marry her, but it seems the people of California are not done with bigotry as the state pastime. For her part, she has quit smoking and uses the money she would have spent on cigarettes, on airfare to come visit me. We want to make a life and grow old together, is that asking too much?

The Shameless Begging: I know as influential as you are, there is still probably nothing you can do in an afternoon to make marriage legal for everyone, but maybe you could find a job for Caroline, so she can get her green card. She is currently a security guard for Huntsman International. She's good at guarding things, so maybe you need your studio, or parking space, or bike rack, guarded by a top notch guard. She's practically a ninja! A job for me as well, would be a bonus!

The Reality: Ellen, I know you'd help if you could, so please don't feel bad if you can't. I think you like helping others as much as I hate asking for help. If it were just me, I'd just take my lumps, but I'll do anything for the woman I love.

The Kissing Up: I'm a huge fan and have been ever since I first saw you do stand on HBO in 1989. You are so uplifting, and I watch you everyday while I get my exercise rowing on an erg. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Red Mojo
PS. Find a video I made for Caroline attached, with our heads photo-shopped onto your and Portia's bodies.


Baino said...

Aww Red . . so sweet and I'm very happy for you. Have you thought about moving to England, might be a better alternative than bringing her over to the US. I believe it's a bitch to get residency there. You can't marry in England either but you can haved a civil ceremony that gives you all the same rights. Good luck and I think you should send the letter . . .you deserve some good luck.

RED MOJO said...

Given my seasonal affective disorder, we've pretty much ruled that out! She's not crazy about the weather there either. We are greedy. We want to be together, and happy! LOL

Anonymous said...

Do it!! Send it, baby...You never know, it might work!

RED MOJO said...

Dear Anonymous, I can only assume by the pet name you sweetie! haha... I'm still thinking about it! I want to send it, but I'm weird about asking for stuff. I have to ease into it, hence the test run on the blog to see what people think. Unfortunately, I've ignored my poor blog for so long, it's a ghost town in here. xx

tsduff said...

Tracey - I love this. Your video is a work of art, and I'm sure your Sweetie was thrilled to see it posted here.

Good for you - I hope you do send it, and that Ellen acts upon the heartfelt theme of love between you and Caroline.

Best of luck. G and I thought of you last week when we drove by (and waved LOL) as we were on our way up to Grass Valley to bring my brother home after a fun weekend at West Fest (Woodstock 2009) at Golden Gate park.

RED MOJO said...

Thanks for that lovely sentiment, and your support as always. I think of you often. I hope all is well in your world. :)

Wuckfit said...

Love will find a way, I am supremely confident of that. England is our last resort option - it's too cold and miserable over here! However, I would live in Alaska, so long as it was with you

knottyawetizmmama said...

I say send it and don't forget to add a job for your adopted black child! ;)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Wow. Cool video. I love Ellen, too.

Good luck with making your dreams come true, Mojo.