Thursday, April 2, 2009

A New Me (Just like the old me, but older)

With all that's gone on in my life recently, I have managed to pack on a few pounds. Depression is not helped by eating every comfort food in sight...but it feels like it will while you do it.
I love things like mac and cheese, fried egg sandwiches, potato chips, ice cream, and have you ever tried Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins? Oh my!
After you eat these kinds of foods, you are full, but still feel empty, and the weight gain only makes you even more depressed...please pass the pizza.

I have been trying to fight the good fight, but it's hard. I let myself down constantly, making fitness promises, that I never keep. Tomorrow always seems like a great place to start!

Well the good news is, I started yesterday. Today is day two of my new life. Yes, I have managed to string two days together before, but this's different. I am lucky enough to have this amazing friend in my life who has made fitness a science, and he is an amazing success story. I happened to email him and ask for the link to his website, which I had misplaced, explaining that I wanted to list it among the links of my online work-out group. He responded quickly, and asked me to call him as well. I did, and the conversation went something like this

Jimmy: How are you? What's going on?

Me: Oh, I'm just trying to get healthy. I'm kick starting my online work-out group, and want to put your link in there. I've been having a hard time making myself exercise even though I know I always feel better when I do.

Jimmy: What's stopping you?

Me: Maybe I just want my mood to match my situation, not sure.

Jimmy: Hmmm...that's possible. If you were gonna exercise, what would you do?

Me: Well, I prefer to do it outside. I love to hike up steep trails, and eventually run up them, but there are no mountains around here. I have to drive a ways to get to one. I also like to run, or bike, but I'm too out of shape, so it's power walking for now. If I stay inside, I use the rowing machine. I like that too.

Jimmy: What's the weather like today?

Me: Oh, its a beautiful day. I couldn't ask for better weather!

Jimmy: When you walk how far do you go?

Me: Two miles, is what I've been doing lately.

Jimmy: Two miles! Wow! That must feel great! Good for you!

Me: yeah...

Jimmy: Well doesn't it feel great when you do it?

Me: Yes, it does.

Jimmy: How much weight do you want to lose?

Me: A lot...

Jimmy: C'mon tell me, how much?

*I tell him.

Jimmy: Okay that's 2 pounds a weeks for X weeks! X weeks? That's nothing! That's X house payments, you know how fast those come! You can reach your goal in X weeks!!! Tomorrow, walk two miles, then get on the rowing machine for 15 minutes, and you'll feel terrific! I'll call you and see how it went okay?

Me: Okay Jimmy, thanks. I'll do it.

Jimmy: Oh, this is so exciting! Aren't you excited?!

Me: (sheepishly) Yes.

Jimmy: Okay! I'll talk to you tomorrow...

The thing that doesn't come across well here, is the excitement in his voice. He's so cute! Like Richard Simmons, only hot! I did do it, and he did call. He praised me, and encouraged me, and will call again today. He also has great nutritional advice on his site, which I am going to follow as closely as I can. I went shopping yesterday, and bought 'clean' food. I am keeping a food log, and he wants to go over it with me next week, and tweek it for me.

I had given up on ever looking like I used to look, and thought with age comes some extra weight, it's a given. But he's my age, and look at him! I am going for it! I want to be comfortable in the skin I'm in. I feel better already! Isn't it exciting?!


comfortandjoy said...

You are brave and strong and honest. There is no doubt in my mind that you can accomplish this. I love being a part of your cheering section.


Baino said...

Oh welcome back. Yes it's a struggle for me as well I stare at my treadmill while drinking wine but have made a target for November! 7 kilos down and . . well quite a few to go! Am I excited . . er not really but it has to be done!

SRTsed said...

Wait a minute! Can I be in your on-line workout group? I'm trying to jumpstart a fitness regimen -- but am dealing with work, kids, etc. Would love some camraderie...

RED MOJO said...

cj, Thank you. I'm really glad you're in my cheering section, and my life!

Baino, It is such a struggle. We all need a Jimmy!

SRTsed, Hmmm, do I know you? I'd love to include you. Your link doesn't really go anywhere...Shoot me an email, and we'll talk. :)

Alex said...

Hey, Sweetheart, that's fantastic - You go girl! Cheering from the sidelines. *waves*

Maybe *you* can inspire me to get back into some routine, to get fit! I have a hideous amount of weight to lose. :( And I keep doing the same thing, putting it off. Bad girl.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Hey...great to see you again. I checked out Jim's website and I might get going on some exercise and better eating too...just need an accountability partner...heh.

RED MOJO said...

Alex, Thanks for your support. I'll send you an invitation to my online work-out group if you like.

Theweyrd1, That goes for you too! I'll be happy to send you an invite. Consider it done!

Craig D said...

our pal, Jimmy, makes some very good points!

As a self-described "doughy, middle-aged guy" I salute you both.

tsduff said...

So, you threw out the artichoke dip recipe? :) Congrats on your new regime - when I lost weight years ago I had a sponsor whom I called daily with my food list of the day. I kept that weight off for years after that, because of that habit of planning my food (if you fail to plan, then plan to fail). Good luck to you!

roro said...

It's so great to have a cheerleader when you're trying to change harmful habits. Jimmy sounds like a total sweetheart - and you're a rock star! Hope the mood continues to improve!

RED MOJO said...

Craig, Thanks. Your visit means a lot!

Terry, Yes, I'm afraid no artichoke dip for a while. I feel better already after only 4 days!

roro, Thanks Sweetie. Jimmy's great, and YOU are the rock star!!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I am sure that once you decide to do something, obstacles dissolve. You have already accomplished so much in your life - this will be a piece of um, scratch that. No cake for you, Missy. A piece of LETTUCE.

Now, go forth and decrease (if you want to. I think you look great.)

heartacheorheartburn said...

I need to get started with something as well. I would love to lose at least 20 pounds but 35 would make me happier. I know what it takes to lose it, but I have been so lazy lately. So much else going on in my life. Totally get the depression thing!

RED MOJO said...

heartinsanfrancisco, thank you so much for your supportive comment. If I could hug you from here I would!

heartacheorheartburn, I'm sorry to hear you can identify. I would not wish depression on anyone. If there's anything I can do to help...

citizen of the world said...

Ooh - I don't want to lose weight, but I am trying to get serious about getting healthy. Can I have the link?

Sigh said...

I couldn't read the end of the post because I wanted all the foods you listed and then when I went to comment I wanted the girl with the tattoo on her back ... apparently I am very susceptible to suggestion! hehe